Martins Original Dolls

About the artist

For the most part I am a very simple, self-taught artist and homemaker. I try to understand where I am within my own individual creative abilities. I am most comfortable embracing my artistic range rather than unraveling it critically. I believe this helps me be content as I struggle along.

I like art nouveau and adore Mucha. I love animals and music. Relief sculpture has long been my forte which led me to make prints of my latest relief work, which is too delicate to cast.

I do not use any type of doll molds. Every doll or animal image is original. I work with Cernit and Holland acrylics and assorted embellishments.

For years I worked as a painter and designer of stoneware products in a dreary, gray factory without windows and full of dust. It was a rigorous sweat shop with little pay or personal rewards. On weekends I made dolls for relaxation and delighted in my horses out to pasture.

Years later I am now a happy wife, proud grandmother and have a family of stray cats. My friend and Native American shaman tells me during a reading that the spirit world is very pleased with my artwork. I do strive to honor nature.